Water can get anywhere, even those places you don’t want it. Your bathroom can flood or you might have a hole in your roof. When water goes where it shouldn’t, it leaves behind “marks”. These water marks are also known as water stains because of their brownish color (and distinctive outline) left behind long after the water has dried up.

Those marks on your ceiling are unsightly and unsettling, whether your property is residential or commercial. They’re also hard to fix, especially on a textured ceiling. Luckily for you, Letendre Painting is here! Letendre Painting & Decorating has more than 60 years of experience in putting your ceiling to rights again, no matter how it was finished originally.

We know how to remove old popcorn and spray a new texture or keep it smooth and simple. Ceilings sometimes get overlooked but you’ll see a huge difference once a fresh coat of white paint is applied. Ceilings become yellow due to cooking, nicotine stains and age.  Your room will appear clean and bright after the Letendre professionals apply that fresh paint.

With master painters and the know-how of a third generation family business, we can make your ceiling attractive once more. No matter what details or technique were used to make the piece of art that’s your ceiling, we can handle it! Concerned about possible lead content due to the age of your home? We’re a fully licensed lead renovator, too!


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