Power Washing

Our commercial power washers remove dirt, mold and mildew

If you ask someone how to get something really clean, they’ll tell you to use “elbow grease”. This doesn’t really work when it comes to large areas around your home or business. You could try and scrub them all by hand, but it would take an extremely long time and the effort wouldn’t be worth the final result.

Letendre Painting & Decorating has the answer – power wash! Not only do we have the equipment, but we have the expertise to use it correctly and safely in both residential and commercial settings.

Your home, business, deck, sidewalk, and driveway will look as good as new after a power wash by the Letendre Painting professionals. The power washer converts water and cleaning agents into a high-power jet, massively increasing the effective cleaning power. Instead of elbow grease, the stream of liquid is what applies the necessary force.

Dirt will run away and tire marks will be no more after a power wash job from Letendre Painting.




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